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If you have any interest in writing a piece for the Trojan Informer, have any suggestions for the writers or editors, or have anything you’d like to see written, do not hesitate to contact Students Jake Wilbanks, James Reatherford, Colt Daniel or Teacher Thomas Harris on the matter. We are open to any proper suggestions for the paper and would love to have some fresh new writers, as we are trying to expand our writing circle, while trying to improve the paper by making it more school and parent-oriented. If you are unable to find us in the halls, you can email us at:

Mr. Harris –

Colt Daniel –

James Reatherford –

Jake Wilbanks –


You, the readers of the Trojan Informer, may have noticed an unfortunate (albeit hilarious) typo in the Current Events section of our April issue.  We sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended or otherwise inconvenienced by this error.  We do our best to check the entire publication for such errors, but were short on time and were unable to catch the mistake.  Please continue to enjoy the Informer, and if you’re writing for us, make sure we get your article(s) on time so we can proofread them.  Because it was totally not our fault.  Thank you.

-The Informer Staff


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