School Profile

Mr. Herb Luker
((931) 724-4316

Assistant Principal
Mrs. Benita Smith

General Information
Collinwood High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
(ACT Code: 430415)

School Location
Collinwood is located in southern Middle Tennessee, 40 miles north of Florence, Alabama and 100 miles south of Nashville, TN.

Wayne County: rural/agricultural

16,840 in Wayne County
1,024 in Collinwood

Approximately 360 students are in 9th through 12th grades
Faculty: approximately 25: (74% with advanced degrees)
98.5% White, 1.5% Hispanic
53% Free or Reduced Lunch
3 year attendance rate: 92.8%

Length of School Year and School Day
175 student days beginning at 8:00 A.M. and ending at 3:00 P.M. in a semesterized Block Schedule.

Graduation Requirements
28 units to include the following Core Curriculum Credits:
4 English
3 Mathematics (to include algebra & geometry)
3 Social Studies
3 Science (1 physical & 1 biological required)
1 Wellness
Plus passing 3 Gateway Tests in Algebra, English, and Biology
Plus selecting either University Path, Technical Path, or Dual Path additional requirements

University Path Requirements
2 Foreign Language
1 Fine Arts
11 Electives

Technical Path Requirements
4 credits in one Technical Area
10 Electives

Tennessee Uniform Grading Scale
A = 93 – 100
B = 85 – 92
C = 75 – 84
D = 70 – 74
F = 00 – 69

Grade Point Average and Ranking
Final GPA is based on all semesters of work in all graded classes.
Rank in class is determined by numerical average at the end of seven semesters.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Band, drama, student council, school newspaper, annual staff, National Beta Club, clubs, sports to include: girls and boys basketball, baseball, football, softball, tennis

Class of 2007 Profile
Total Diplomas 85
Honors Diplomas 45
Certificates 6 (Converted to Regular Diplomas in Summer School)
Regular Diplomas 35
Diploma of Specialized Instruction 5

52% planned to attend post-secondary institutions
13% planned to attend a 4-year college or university
24% planned to attend a 2-year community college
20% planned to enter technical schools
3% entered military
48 students received scholarships totaling $585,922.00

Test data for class 2006
CHS Average ACT Composite: 21.1
National Average Composite: 21.2
Counselor’s Address and Phone:
Kay Meredith
401 N. Trojan Blvd.
Collinwood, TN 38450

(931) 724-4316 FAX: (931) 724-4488

Student Handbook available on request

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