Collinwood High School is full of talented students.  Vivian Lesende is one of our most gifted students.  In addition to being valedictorian, she also writes beautiful poetry.  Here is a sample of some of her poems previously featured in the Trojan Informer.

Death of the Roses by Vivian Lesende

Roses dying, fading to gray

Baby’s breath, dried and decayed

As is out love, for so long cherished

Withered and gone, forever perished

The crystal vase, smashed and battered

Glittering shards, trashed and scattered

As is my heart, now among the ashes

In the wake of your storm, fiery crashes

All your words, so hurtful and vile

And all my manners, so meek and mild

Will blend together, deep in me

Your darkness I’ll be forced to see

For so long I’ve been blind to the truth

Naiveté; the downfall of youth

Finally, my heart has shed its light

This is the morning I shall end the fight

Lay to rest the days of past

Our love will no longer last

Through the storms and wintry days

My heart is shadowed; in a haze

But this confusion will soon end

And a brighter chapter will begin

I’ll close the cover on this bleak book

And never chance a second look

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